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g2no2000 asked:

Movie I made… Dedicated to Cheryl M. Dixie Lily – From Elton John’s 1974 album Caribou. Elton had 2 Huge Hits from Caribou,The ***** Is Back & Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, but Dixie Lily has always been one of my personal favorites from Caribou. Dixie Lily is not a well known Elton John song, nor does Elton play it in concert very often. I’ve only seen Elton perform Dixie Lily in concert 3-4 times since the Mid-70s. The song is about a Mississippi Riverboat called Dixie Lily. A boy …


aitkinage asked:

paddlewheel powered riverboats on the mississippi river …

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  • jinnienomuyeppo asked:

    080825 Global Chat Epi 91 (미녀들의 수다 / 미수다) (Global Chat with Beauties / Beauty Chat / Misuda / Minyeodereui Suda) When asked about Vietnam's famous asset, Hongki mentioned (and demonstrated, haha) Vietnam's small riverboats. (Haha, look at his face when nobody knows what he was trying to say. So confused and awkward…. =P, "Isn't it Vietnam?" =X ) But finally the others understood what he meant, and added riverhouses as well. (They were saying that the riverhouses and small …

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  • TerryrayLasVegas asked:

    Go here to see all five parts in one playlist: the Landing at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Vigilante justice. anti-gambling moralists, and the gamblers move to Riverboats California Gold Rush – Sutter's Mill – modern casinos invented in San Francisco Portsmouth Square – Bella Union Casino, female dealers and "Madame Moustache" Eleanor Dumont. Article on her here: anti-gambling crusader James King of …

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